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MSc in Analytical Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Hong Kong Baptist University

  1. Aims 
    To meet the demand on high quality and advanced chemical analysis in Hong Kong as well as the Greater China region, the Department of Chemistry of Hong Kong Baptist University has been offering a popular and successful taught postgraduate programme of MSc in Analytical Chemistry to train professionals working in analytical and testing industry since 1992. 
    This programme, which has the longest history and experience in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific region, aims:

    *To provide an opportunity of further education for working professionals in the field of analytical chemistry testing, certification, and related areas;
    *To offer professional knowledge to the needs of public and industrial laboratories as well as research organizations; and
    *To ensure our graduates have an extensive knowledge and a critical understanding of the principles, theories, and applications of modern physico-chemical methods towards solving problems of chemical analysis.
  2. Features

    a) Excellence in Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Analysis
    State Key Laboratory of Environmental and Biological Analysis – The FIRST and the ONLY one analytical chemistry related state key laboratory in Hong Kong Two accredited testing laboratories under the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) providing the highest quality and technical standard of chemical analysis – The UNIQUE feature among the universities in Hong Kong

    b) Taught Courses, Structured Laboratory Works, and Supervised Research Works
    To provide in-depth knowledge of modern analytical techniques and to understand the respective applications in real-life analytical problems

    c) Professional Certification
    The FIRST and the ONLY one MSc programme in Hong Kong recognized by the Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification Ltd. (HKTIC) under the Professional Certification Scheme for Testing Personnel (PCSTP) that our graduates can be certified as a “Certified Testing Professional” (CTP) in “Chemical Testing”

    d) Exchange Opportunity in France
    Our students can study abroad in the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Materials Science (ECPM) at the University of Strasbourg, France, for 1 semester.

    e) Scholarships
    *Prof. Huie, Carmen Wah-Kit Memorial Scholarship – Entrance Scholarship for full-time local and mainland students with academic merit
    *Overseas Scholarship – Entrance Scholarship for full-time non-local and non-mainland students with academic merit
    *Exchange Scholarship – for students participating in the exchange study
    *Merit Award – for students with good academic performance in study

    f) Excellent prospects of employment and further study

  3. Programme Duration
    Full-time mode: 1 year
    Part-time mode: 2 years
  4. Programme Brochure
  5. Information of Short Courses

Core Courses (11 units, 132 hours)

-Analytical Process and Applied Statistics (2 units)
-Analytical Spectroscopy (2 units)
-Chemical Instrumentation (2 units)
-Laboratory Management (2 units)
-Separation Science (3 units)

Elective Courses (any 4 units, 48 hours)

-Electroanalytical Chemistry (1 unit)
-Surface Analysis (1 unit)
-Environmental Analysis and Monitoring (1 unit)
-Sample Pretreatment Methods (1 unit)
-Food Safety Analysis (2 units)
-Mass Spectrometric Analysis (1 unit)
-Pharmaceutical and Traditional Chinese Medicinal Analysis (1 unit)
-Chemosensor and Biosensor (1 unit)
-Forensic Analysis (1 unit)
-Food Analysis (2 units)
-Food Microbiology for Chemist (1 unit)
-Nanomaterial Analysis (1 unit)

Seminars (2 units, 8 hours)

Advanced Analytical Laboratories (4 units, 100 hours)

MSc Dissertation (6 units, >200 hours)


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