Career Opportunities
Students of the BSc course are well trained in the fundamental as well as applied aspects of chemistry. Upon graduation, they can choose either to pursue further studies or to seek employment. Career opportunities can be found in:

  • Environmental protection
  • Chemical processing industries
  • Chemical analysis in commercial or public chemical testing laboratories
  • Marketing of technical products
  • Teaching
  • General administration in the private or public sectors

Environmental Protection

Graduates from science and environmental studies field can apply for jobs in the Environmental Protection. The job responsibilities in the EPD vary. It may involve the monitoring of air and water quality, the enforcement of environmental regulations, the management of waste disposal sites and public education on environmental issues etc.

Chemical Analysis

Analytical chemists are employed in many types of organization. In manufacturing industries, analytical chemists provide services to the production facilities by determination of the quality of raw material and product. In commercial chemical laboratories, samples from outside clients are studied to assure the quality of products for trade and commerce. In public analytical laboratories, products from the market places are analyzed for protection of the health and safety of the public.

Trained chemists will develop analytical methodology, carry out analysis and manage the various functions of the laboratory for quality assurance.

Marketing of Technical Products

Chemistry graduates may be employed in companies that market technical products, such as scientific instruments or specialty chemical reagents, as sales specialists or sales engineers. Their responsibilities include marketing of products, installation and servicing of instruments and giving technical support to clients.

Bright Career Prospect