Detail of Dr. Kelvin Leung
Research Programmes of Dr. Kelvin LEUNG

Emerging contaminants in the environment

Emerging contaminants are defined as compounds that are not currently covered by existing water-quality regulations, but thought to be potential threats to environmental ecosystems, human health and safety. We are interested in developing analytical methods for identifying these emerging contaminants, probing for their environmental fate, transformation mechanisms and environmental implications in ecosystem.

Elemental Bioimaging

Elemental bioimaging is one of the most notable applications of the hyphenated technologies – laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS). While standalone MS or atomic spectroscopy techniques perform typical analyses in bulk samples, the couple of LA-ICP-MS is functional in surface scanning and depth profiling to obtained high resolution distribution maps of multiple elements in samples. More advanced applications such as bio-molecular mapping is enabled by making use of element tags to label specific proteins, metabolites, cells in tissue sections; this is important towards the understanding of the biochemistry and interaction of enzymes and (metallo)proteins. LA-ICP-MS is currently an important workhorse for our extensive work on toxicology, pharmacology and pathophysiology research. 

The Development of Mass Spectrometric Methods for Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis

Our research group is actively engaged in the development of new analytical techniques for clinical and bioanalytical applications. In collaboration with Queen Mary Hospital, we are continuously exploring new avenues for facile diagnosis of diseases in clinical laboratory.
Examples of new diagnostic methods include the development of rapid sample extraction and sensitive LC-MS/MS analyses for screening puffer fish tetrodotoxin poisoning and the diagnosis of Cushing syndrome. We are also interested in longer term establishment in clinical research such as uncovering local reference intervals, exposure markers, molecular patterns for the inborn errors of metabolism diagnosis. 

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