Departmental Headship: Past and Present

Photo taken on the occasion of the Faculty of Science Golden Jubilee Gala Dinner on 21 October 2011

Photo taken on the occasion of the 
Joint Dinner function by Baptist Chemists and Department of Chemistry 2013

Name Chinese Name Period (from) Period (to)
Dr. Chan John P. 陳哲元 1972 1975
Dr. Mok Man Hung 莫民雄 1975 1977
Prof. Barrett Jerry W. 白智理 1980 1982
Prof. Ng Ching Fai 吳清輝 1985 1988
Prof. Lee Wai Ming, Albert 李慧明 1989 1998
Prof. Chan Wing Hong 陳永康 1998 2007
Prof. Cai Zongwei 蔡宗葦 2007 2011
Prof. Wong Man Shing, Ricky 黃文成 2011 2014
Prof. Wong Wai Yeung, Raymond 黃維揚 2014 2016
Prof. Wong Ka Leung, Gary 黃嘉良 2018 Now