Research Grants Awarded and Recent Successful Bids of the RGC Grants

Research Grants Awarded

  • Over the past ten years, through the Hong Kong Research Grants Council (RGC) open-bid grants programme, a total of 49 projects were awarded funding, with a total in excess of HK$32.210 million.  In addition, many shorter-term (mostly, one-year) projects were supported by the HKBU Faculty Research Grants (FRG) programme.
  • Recently, three Major Equipment Grants were awarded to the Department through the RGC Central Allocation bids which allowed us to acquire a Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometer, an LC-MS/MS System and a Nanosecond Fluorescence Lifetime Scanning Spectrophotometer, at a total cost of HK$5.8 million.   

Recent Successful Bids of the RGC Grants