Faculty and research programme

Faculty and research programme

The Department emphasizes teaching and research in all areas of chemical science, encompassing Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. In recent years, the research focus of the Department has been placed in the following two areas, which constitute our current strategic research directions:

  • Analytical Science
  • Materials Chemistry

A summary of the current research interests of our faculty members is given as follows:

Faculty member Research Area
Prof. CAI, Zongwei Fundamentals and Applications of Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS, LC/MS)
Dr. CHENG, Yuen Kit           Computational Biophysical Chemistry, Chemometrics
Dr. CHUNG, Arthur C. K. Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP)
Dr. HAU, Sam C. K. Coordination Network assembly, Crystal Engineering
Dr. HO, Koon Sing Analytical Chemistry, Single-cell and single-particle analysis using ICP-MS and ICP-AES
Dr. HONG, Yanjun Metabonomics, Drug Metabolism
Dr. HU, Di Atmospheric Chemistry & Applications of Analytical Techniques on Environmental Issues
Dr. KWONG, Daniel W.J. Bioinorganic Photochemistry, Oxidative DNA Damage, Anti-Cancer Photodynamic Therapy, Biomedical Imaging
Prof. LEE, Albert W.M. Asymmetric Synthesis, Chemical Education
Dr. LEI, Yilong Organic Optoelectronic Materials, Molecular Self-Assembly, Crystal Engineering
Dr. LEUNG, Kelvin S.Y. Analytical Spectrometry and Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Dr. LEUNG, Ken C.F. Nanoparticles & Supramolecular Materials  for Theranostic, Catalysis & Sensor Applications
Dr. LI, Hung Wing Analytical Chemistry, Microfluidics, Biophysics & Laser Spectroscopy
Dr. LIU, Chenfu Luminescent Probes, Green Chemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry
Dr. MA, Edmond D.L. Luminescent Probes, Computational Structural Biology, Structure-based Drug Design, Inorganic Medicine
Dr. REN, Kangning Microfabrication & Microfluidics; Analytical Microdevices
Dr. SHIU, Kwok Keung Electroanalytical Chemistry, Chemically-Modified Electrodes
Dr. WONG, Gary K.L. Bioinorganic Chemistry, Luminescent Materials, Sol-Gel Chemistry, Lanthanide Spectroscopy
Prof. WONG, Raymond W.Y. Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry, Molecular Functional Materials, X-ray Crystallography
Prof. WONG, Rick W.K. Organometallic Synthesis, Catalysis, Luminescent Materials
Prof. WONG, Ricky M.S. Molecular Materials,  Organic Synthesis
Dr. ZHAO, Qian Chemical Biology, Proteomics, Protein-protein Interactions (PPI), Protein Post-translational Modifications (PTMs) and To identify targets of Natural Products and Drug Molecules (Target ID)
Dr. ZHU, Xunjin Porphyrinoid Materials for Energy Conversion and Biological Applications

It should be noted that there is substantial research collaboration amongst faculty members both within and outside the Department.