GDSC1016 Ocean Voyage – Science in the Sea (3,3,0)
This course will introduce the concepts of marine and environmental science, as well as cultural, economic and political impacts to address marine-environmental issues at local and regional scales. The course will be broadly divided into 3 parts:
  • the history of ocean voyage and marine science;
  • an introduction to the ocean as a chemical system with topics including important chemicals that affect our daily life and also drive marine ecosystems;
  • the relationship between humans and the ocean-the impact of humans on the marine environment and Vice-versa.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs)
Recognize the impact of human activities on the balance of a marine environment.
Evaluate claims in popular press and seek out information in order to make informed judgment about issues of Hong Kong and/or regional marine environment.
Synthesize personal view and value of the quality of Hong Kong and global marine environment, supported by evidence from multiple perspectives.
Gain basic understanding of marine science and its intersection with environmental sustainability, social and public policy.