GDSC1015 Coffee with profs–The fascinating science of everyday life (3,3,0)
Designed for non-science majors, the course aims to demonstrate, through daily life examples, the many important contributions and relevance of science and technology in modern living. The course will start with discussion on myths and facts of coffee, physiological effect of caffeine, to organic farming, fair trade, globalization (coffee shop industry) and glocalization (invention of Yuenyeung [coffee with tea] at Hong Kong cafes). Connections between modern science inventions and individual’s healthy living styles (home/food/travel/shopping, etc.) will also be discussed. Controversial socio-scientific issues will be used to rectify students’ misconceptions in science concepts.

Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILOs) 
Acquire basic science concepts that affect daily life;
Understand the impact and application of the process of scientific inquiry;
Communicate on socio-scientific topics based on scientific evidence and data from different perspectives;
Evaluate options relating to the application of science and technology in everyday life on the basis of their scientific merits;
Synthesize their viewpoints on how scientific advancements improve daily life.