Educational Background

  • B.Sc., The University of Hong Kong
  • Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong

Current Research Interests

  • Development of luminescent probes, computer-aided drug discovery.

We are now looking for postdoctoral fellow and PhD student who can participate in our research projects on drug discovery and molecular probes. For further information, please contact Dr. Edmond Ma at

Selected Publications

  1. K. Vellaisamy, G. Li, W. Wang, C.-H. Leung,* D.-L. Ma.* “A Long-lived Peptide-conjugated Iridium(III) Complex as a Luminescent Probe and Inhibitor of the Cell Migration Mediator, Formyl Peptide Receptor 2”, Chem. Sci., 9, 8171 (2018). (Invited as front cover)
  2. G.-J. Yang, W. Wang, W.-F. S. Mok, C. Wu, Y.-K. B. Law, X.-M. Miao, K.-J. Wu, H.-J. Zhong, C.-Y. Wong, K.-W. V. Wong,* D.-L. Ma,* C.-H. Leung.* “Selective Inhibition of Lysine-specific Demethylase 5A (KDM5A) Using a Rhodium(III) Complex for Triple-negative Breast Cancer Therapy”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 57, 13091 (2018). (Invited as inside back cover)
  3. K. Vellaisamy, G. Li, C.-N. Ko, H.-J. Zhong, S. Fatima, H.-Y. Kwan, C.-Y. Wong, W.-J. Kwong,* W. Tan,* C.-H. Leung,* D.-L. Ma.* "Cell Imaging of Dopamine Receptor Using Agonist Labeling Iridium(III) Complex", Chem. Sci., 9, 1119 (2018). (Invited as inside front cover)
  4. L.-J. Liu, W. Wang, S.-Y. Huang, Y. Hong, G. Li, S. Lin, J. Tian, Z. Cai,* H.-M. D. Wang,* D.-L. Ma.* C.-H. Leung.* “Inhibition of the Ras/Raf Interaction and Repression of Renal Cancer Xenografts In Vivo by an Enantiomeric Iridium(III) Metal-based Compound”, Chem. Sci., 8, 4756 (2017). (Invited as front cover)
  5. M. Wang, Z. Mao, T.-S. Kang, C.-Y. Wong, J.-L. Mergny,* C.-H. Leung,* D.-L. Ma.* “Conjugating A Groove-binding Motif to Ir(III) Complex for the Enhancement of G-quadruplex Probe Behavior”, Chem. Sci., 7, 2516 (2016) (Invited as inside back cover)
  6. S. Lin, W. Gao, Z. Tian, C. Yang, L. Lu, J.-L. Mergny,* C.-H. Leung,* D.-L. Ma.* “Luminescence Switch-on Detection of Protein Tyrosine Kinase-7 Using A G-quadruplex-selective Probe”, Chem. Sci., 6, 4284 (2015).
  7. D.-L. Ma,* L.-J. Liu, K.-H. Leung, Y.-T. Chen, H.-J. Zhong, D. S.-H. Chan, H.-M. D. Wang,* C.-H. Leung.* “Antagonising STAT3 Dimerization by a Rhodium(III) Complex”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 53, 9178 (2014). (Selected as a very important paper and invited as back cover)
  8. C.-H. Leung,* H.-J. Zhong, H. Yang, Z. Cheng, D. S.-H. Chan, V. P.-Y. Ma, R. Abagyan, C.-Y. Wong, D.-L. Ma.* “A Metal-based Inhibitor of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 51, 9010 (2012). (Invited as frontispiece)
  9. D.-L. Ma,* T. Xu, D. S.-H. Chan, B. Y.-W. Man, C.-H. Leung.* “A Highly Selective, Label-free, Homogenous Luminescent Switch-on Probe for the Detection of Nanomolar Transcription Factor”, Nucleic Acids Res., 39, e67 (2011).
  10. D. S.-H. Chan, H.-M. Lee, F. Yang, C.-M. Che, C. C.-L. Wong, R. Abagyan, C.-H. Leung,* D.-L. Ma.* “Structure-Based Discovery of Natural Product-Like TNF-α Inhibitors”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 49, 2860 (2010). (Invited as frontispiece, chosen as a “Hot Paper” by the Editors for the importance in a rapidly evolving field of high current interest and highlighted by Nature SciBX)
  11. D.-L. Ma, C.-M. Che,* S.-C. Yan. “Platinum(II) Complexes with Dipyridophenazine Ligands as Human Telomerase Inhibitors and Luminescent Probes for G-Quadruplex DNA”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 131, 1835 (2009). (Highlighted by C & E News)
  12. D.-L. Ma, W.-L. Wong, W.-H. Chung, F.-Y. Chan, P.-K. So, T.-S. Lai, Z.-Y. Zhou, Y.-C. Leung, K.-Y. Wong.* “A Highly Selective Luminescence Switch-on Sensor for Histidine/Histidine-rich proteins and Its Application in Protein Staining”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 47, 3735 (2008). (Highlighted by Nature Publishing Group (NPG) Asia Materials)