Educational Background

  • B.Sc., Wuhan Institute of Technology
  • M.Sc., Wuhan University
  • Ph.D., HKBU
  • Postdoctoral: The University of Texas at Austin, Georgia Institute of Technology

Current Research Interests

Selected Publications

  1. 1) Wang C.; Chen Y.; Su D.; Man W. L.; Lau K. C.; Han L.; Zhao L.; Zhan D.; Zhu X. J.* “In-situ Electropolymerized Three‐Dimensional Microporous Cobalt‐Porphyrin Nanofilm for Highly Effective Molecular Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide.”, Adv. Mater., 2303179 (2023).
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  7. Zheng, K. L.; Bodedla, G. B.; Hou, Y. Q.; Zhang, J.; Liang, R. H.; Zhao, J. Z.; Phillips, D. L.; Zhu, X. J.* “Enhanced cocatalyst-free photocatalytic H-2 evolution by the synergistic AIE and FRET for an Ir-complex conjugated porphyrin”, J Mater Chem A, 10, 4440-4445 (2022).
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