Educational Background

  • B.Sc., Tsinghua University
  • Ph.D., Tsinghua University
  • Postdoctoral: HKUST and Stanford University

Current Research Interests

  • Microfabrication and microfluidics; biomaterial and soft matters; analytical microdevices; biomimicking and advanced coating technology.

Selected Publications

  1. Chong Hu, Yunxiu Bai, Miao Hou, Yisu Wang, Licheng Wang, Xun Cao, Chiu-Wing Chan, Han Sun, Wanbo Li, Jun Ge*, and Kangning Ren*, “Defect-induced Activity Enhancement of Enzyme-Embedded Metal-Organic Frameworks Revealed in Microfluidic Gradient Mixing Synthesis”, Science Advances., in press.
  2. Han Sun, Chiu-Wing Chan, Yisu Wang, Xiao Yao, Xuan Mu*, Xuedong Lu, Jianhua Zhou, Zongwei Cai, and Kangning Ren*, “Reliable and reusable whole-polypropylene plastic microfluidic devices for rapid, low-cost antimicrobial susceptibility test”, Lab Chip., 19, 2915-2924 (2019).
  3. H. Sun, WB. Li, ZZ. Dong, C. Hu, CH. Leung, DL. Ma, KN. Ren, “A suspending-droplet mode paper-based microfluidic platform for low-cost, rapid, and convenient detection of lead(II) ions in liquid solution”, Biosens. Bioelectron., 99, 361 (2018).
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  6. Chong Hu, Sheng Lin, Wanbo Li, Han Sun, Yangfan Chen, Chiu-Wing Chan, Chung-Hang Leung, Ma Dik-Lung, Hongkai Wu and Kangning Ren, “A One-Step Strategy for Ultra-Fast and Low Cost Mass Production of Plastic Membrane Microfluidic Chips”, Lab Chip, 16, 3909-3918 (2016).
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