HKBU chemists win overseas lectureship award

Dr Ken Leung and Dr Lee Chi-sing, Associate Professors from the HKBU Department of Chemistry, won the Asian Core Program (ACP) Lectureship Award for the second consecutive year at the 14th International Conference on Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Asia. They have also been invited to deliver a series of lectures during a one-week visit next year to South Korea and Japan respectively.


Dr Leung’s lecture, entitled “Chiral Recognition with Binaphthyl Crown Ethers”, focused on chiral recognition and molecular sensing for drugs, amino acids and other bioactive ions through supramolecular interactions.


In Dr Lee’s lecture on the topic “Natural Product Synthesis via Prins-type/Conia-ene Cascade Cyclisation”, he explained his development of a new cascade cyclisation method for efficient synthesis of a variety of bioactive natural products. The method can be used to provide a stable supply of natural products for drug discovery.


The conference was held in Hokkaido, Japan, in late September. Excellent oral and poster presentations were also awarded at the event. 

From HKBU eNews