Chemistry undergraduates’ co-authored papers listed in renowned international journals

The co-authored papers of three Science undergraduate students’ final year projects were recently published in renowned international journals Lab on a Chip and RSC Advances by Royal Society of Chemistry and Biomicrofluidics of the US.

Under the supervision of staff of the Department of Chemistry, students Tse Ho-yin (Chemistry), Chan Sing-ming (Chemistry) and Liu Zhengzhi (Analytical and Testing Sciences) engaged in frontier research projects in the areas of chemistry and analytical and testing sciences. Through lectures and laboratory courses, they acquired chemical knowledge and techniques as well as the skill of integrating them to solve specific research problems, which they demonstrated through their projects.

Their publications are:
1.    Sun, Han, Zhengzhi Liu, Chong Hu and Kangning Ren. “Cell-on-hydrogel platform made of agar and alginate for rapid, low-cost, multidimensional test of antimicrobial susceptibility.” Lab on a Chip 16 (2016): 3130-3138.

2.    Chan, Sing-ming, Qinghua Li, Tse Ho-yin, Albert Lee, N K Mak, H L Lung and Chan Wing-Hong. “A rhodamine-based ‘off-on’ fluorescent chemosensor for selective detection of Fe3+ in aqueous media and its application in bioimaging.” RSC Advances 6 (2016): 74389-74393.

3.    Tse, Ho-yin, Qinghua Li, Chan Sing-ming, Qihua You, Albert Lee and Chan Wing-Hong. “A ratiometric fluorescent and colorimetric probe for selective detection of hydrazine.” RSC Advances 6 (2016): 14678-14681.

4.    Hu, Chong, Han Sun, Zhengzhi Liu, Yin Chen, Yangfan Chen, Hongkai Wu and Kangning Ren, “Freestanding 3-D microvascular networks made of alginate hydrogel as a universal tool to create microchannels inside hydrogels.” Biomicrofluidics in press.

from HKBU eNews