BSc students grab bronze in Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad

BSc students won the Bronze medal in the 28th Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad (for tertiary institutions). This year, the competition revolved around the theme “Chemistry and Environmental Protection”. Each of the teams from six local universities had to find and present the solution to a given chemistry problem within two days. 

The HKBU team included Year 4 student Daphne Chan and Year 3 students Peony Kwok and Kingsley Yao. They were assigned the topic “Clean Transportation”.

The team produced three short videos, showing the use of diesel and petrol in transport in the past, the cleaner liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) in vehicles, and fuel cell cars that are currently being pushed to the market. The changes highlight innovations in renewable energy. Daphne said that her team hoped to adopt an interesting, simple and clear way to show the significance of chemistry to “clean transportation”. She expressed her gratitude to a group of Chemistry students who formed a support team to provide assistance to her team. 

Dr Sam Hau, the team supervisor and Lecturer of the Department of Chemistry, said the HKBU team was the only competing team which used short videos for the presentation. He praised the team for their creativity and said he was impressed by their application of chemistry concepts to the development of transport. 

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from HKBU eNews