Educational Background

  • B.Sc.(Hons), UTAR
  • Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong
  • Postdoctoral: Duke-NUS Medical School

Current Research Interests

Positions available for Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Assistant, and Research Postgraduate student (PhD)

Selected Publications

  1. Ho, W., Law, J.C., Lo, J.C., Chng, I.K., Hor, C.H.H. Leung, K.S. (2022). Sorption Behavior, Speciation, and Toxicity of Microplastic-Bound Chromium in Multisolute Systems. Environmental Science and Technology Letters,
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  3. Lo, J.C.W., Wong, W.L., Hor, C.H.H.* (2021). Efficient and Cost Effective Electroporation Method to Study Primary Cilium-dependent Signaling Pathways in the Granule Cell Precursor. J. Vis. Exp., (177), e63283, doi:10.3791/63283.
  4. CHH Hor*, JCW Lo, ALS Cham, WY Leong, and ELK. Goh* (2021). Multifaceted functions of Rab23 on primary cilium and Hedgehog signaling-mediated granule cell proliferation. Journal of Neuroscience.41(32), 6850-6863 *Co-corresponding author. Cover page article.
  5. Zhu, Y., Huang, A., Panczuk, T., Hor, C.H.H.*, Wong, K.L.*, & Li, L*. (2021). Persistent luminescence induced by the introduction of multi-valent Mn ions in K2LiBF6 (B= Al, Ga and In) fluoride phosphors. Chemical Engineering Journal, 132421.
  6. CHH Hor and EL Goh (2019) Small GTPases in Hedgehog signaling: emerging insights into the disease mechanism of ciliopathies. Current Opinion in Genetics & Development. 56, 61-68
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