Teaching Staff
LIU, Chenfu - Research Assistant Professor

Educational Background
  • B. Sc., Jiangxi Normal University
  • M. Sc., Beijing University of Technology
  • Ph.D, Peking University
  • Postdoctoral: HKBU

Current Research Interests
  • Luminescent probes
  • Green chemistry
  • Carbohydrate chemistry


Selected Publications
  1. Chenfu Liu, Chao Yang, Lihua Lu, Wanhe Wang, Weihong Tan*, Chung-Hang Leung*, Dik-Lung Ma*. Luminescent iridium(III) complexes as COX-2-specific imaging agents in cancer cells. Chemical Communications, 2017, 53, 2822-2825.
  2. Dik-Lung Ma*, Modi Wang, Chenfu Liu, Xiangmin Miao, Tian-Shu Kang, Chung-Hang Leung*. Metal complexes for the detection of disease-related protein biomarkers. Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2016, 324, 90-105.
  3. Chen-Fu Liu, De-Cai Xiong, Xin-Shan Ye*.“Ring Opening−Ring Closure” Strategy for the Synthesis of Aryl-C-glycosides. The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014, 79, 4676-4686.
  4. Cheng-Chu Zeng *, Cheng-Fu Liu, Jia Zeng, Ru-Gang Zhong. Electrochemical synthesis of 6-arylsulfonyl caffeic acid derivatives in aqueous medium. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2007, 608, 85–90.