Teaching Staff
CHUNG, Arthur, C. K. - Research Assistant Professor

Educational Background:
  • B.Sc., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • M.Ph, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, USA
  • Postdoctoral: Baylor College of Medicine, USA

Current Research Interests:

  • Persistent organic pollutants (POP), TGF-β signaling pathway, diabetes, renal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, MALDI imaging.
Selected Publications:
  1. C. Yang, C. Wong, J. Wei, ACK Chung, Z. Cai, “The brominated flame retardant BDE 47 upregulates purine metabolism and mitochondrial respiration to promote adipocyte differentiation”, Sci. Total Environ., in press (2018).
  2. L. Xiang, H. Zhang, J. Wei, XY Tian, H. Luan, S. Li, H. Zhao, G. Cao, ACK Chung, C. Yang, Y. Huang, Z. Cai, “Metabolomics studies on db/db diabetic mice in skeletal muscle reveal effective clearance of overloaded intermediates by exercise”, Anal. Chim. Acta, in press (2018).
  3. C. Zhao, P. Xie, T. Yong, H. Wang, ACK. Chung, Z. Cai, “MALDI-MS Imaging Reveals Asymmetric Spatial Distribution of Lipid Metabolites from Bisphenol S-Induced Nephrotoxicity”, Anal. Chem., 90(5), 3196-3204 (2018).
  4. X. Li, ACK Chung, S. Li, L. Wu, J. Xu, J. Yu, C. Wong, Z. Cai, “LC-MS-based metabolomics revealed SLC25A22 as an essential regulator of aspartate-derived amino acids and polyamines in KRAS-mutant colorectal cancer”, Oncotarget, 8(60), 101333-101344 (2017).
  5. CM. Wong, AC. Au, SY. Tsang, CW. Lau, X. Yao, Z. Cai, AC Chung, “Role of inducible nitric oxide synthase in endothelium-independent relaxation to raloxifene in rat aortas”, Br. J. Pharmacol., 174(8), 718-733 (2017).
  6. Y. Zhou, AC Chung, HM Lee, G. Xu, JCN Chan, APS Kong, “Sirt3 deficiency increased the vulnerability of the pancreatic beta cells to oxidative stress induced dysfunction”, Antioxid. Redox Signal., 27(13), 962-976 (2017).
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