Teaching Staff
WONG, Gary Ka-Leung - Professor and Head of the Department

Educational Background
  • B.Sc., City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Postdoctoral: City University of Hong Kong and Durham University, UK

Current Research Interests
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry, Luminescent Materials, Lanthanide Chemistry and Spectroscopy


The European Rare Earth and Actinide Society, 2015 ERES Junior Award

Professional Appointment
  • Editor, Journal of Luminescence (Elsevier)
  • International Advisory Board Member, ChemPlusChem (Wiley-VCH)

Selected Publications
  1. L. Jiang, R. Lan, T. Huang, C.-F. Chan, H. Li, S. Lear, J. Zong, W.-Y. Wong, M. M.-Lan Lee, B. D. Chan, W.-L. Chan, W.-S. Lo, N.-K. Mak, M. L. Lung, G. S. Taylor, Z.-X. Bian, W. C. S. Tai, G.-L. Law, W.-T. Wong, S. L. Cobb, and K.-L. Wong,* ‘EBNA1-targeted probe for the imaging and growth inhibition of tumours associated with the Epstein–Barr virus’, Nature Biomedical Engineering, (2017) 0042. (Highlighted in Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2017, 0059 and Cell Chemical Biology, 2017, 647-648)
  2. H. Li, C. Xie, R. Lan, S. Zha, C.-F. Chan, W.-Y. Wong, K.-L. Ho, B. D. Chan, Y. Luo, J.-X. Zhang, G.-L. Law, W. C. S. Tai, J.-C. Bunzli and K.-L. Wong,* ‘A smart europium-ruthenium complex as anticancer prodrug: Controllable drug release and real-time monitoring under different light excitations’, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, (2017) 60, 8923-8932.
  3. R. Zhou, J. Huang, J. Shi, L. Huang, X. Zhang, K.-L. Wong,* H. Zhang,* D. Jin,* J. Wang* and Qiang Su, ‘Silica shell assisted synthetic route for mono-disperse and enhanced near-infrared persistent luminescence ZnGa2O4:Cr3+, Sn4+ nanoparticle for in vivo bio-imaging’, Nano Research, (2017) 1 - 13.
  4. H. Li, R. Lan, C.-F. Chan, G. Bao, C. Xie, P.-H. Chu, W. C. S. Tai, J.-X. Zhang and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Luminescent lanthanide approach towards direct visualization of primary cilia in living cells’, Chemical Communications, (2017) 53, 7084-7087.
  5. Y. Zhou, C.-F. Chan, D. W. J. Kwong, G.-L. Law, S. Cobb, W.-K. Wong and K.-L. Wong,* ‘αvb3-isoform specific erbium complexes highly specific for bladder cancer imaging and photodynamic therapy’, Chemical Communications, (2017) 53, 557-560.
  6. A. Nonat, C.- F. Chan, T. Liu, C. Platas-Iglesias, Z. Li, Wing-Tak Wong, W.-K. Wong, K.-L. Wong,* and L. J. Charbonnière* ‘Room temperature molecular up-conversion in solution’, Nature Communications, (2016) 11978.
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  8. H. Li, R. Lan, C.-F. Chan, L. Jiang, L. Dai, M. H.-W. Lam and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Real-time in-situ  monitoring via europium emission of the photo-release of antitumor cisplatin from a Eu-Pt complex’, Chemical Communications, (2015) 14022-14025. (Inside front cover)
  9. T. Zhang, R. Lan, C.-F. Chan, G.-L. Law, W.-K. Wong and K.-L. Wong,* ‘In vivo selective cancer tracking gadolinium eradicator as new generation photodynamic therapy agent’, Proceedings of National Academy of Science USA, (2014) 111, E5492-E5497.
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  11. T. Zhang, C.-F. Chan, R. Lan, H. Li, N.-K. Mak, W.-K. Wong and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Potential differentiation of cancer cells imaging bioprobes by porphyrin-based ytterbium complexes targeting anionic phospholipid membrane’, Chemical Communications, (2013) 49, 7258-7260.
  12. T. Zhang, X. Zhu, W.-M. Kwok, C. T.-L. Chan, H.-L. Tam, W.-K. Wong and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Water-soluble mitochondria-specific ytterbium complex with impressive NIR emission’, Journal of the American Chemistry Society, (2011) 50, 20120-20122.