Teaching Staff
WONG, Gary Ka-Leung - Associate Professor

Educational Background
  • B.Sc., City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Postdoctoral: City University of Hong Kong and Durham University, UK

Current Research Interests
  • Bioinorganic Chemistry, Luminescent Materials, Lanthanide Chemistry and Spectroscopy


The European Rare Earth and Actinide Society, 2015 ERES Junior Award

Professional Appointment
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Luminescence (Elsevier)
  • International Advisory Board Member, ChemPlusChem (Wiley-VCH)

Selected Publications
  1. L. Jiang, R. Lan, T. Huang, C.-F. Chan, H. Li, S. Lear, J. Zong, W.-Y. Wong, M. M.-Lan Lee, B. D. Chan, W.-L. Chan, W.-S. Lo, N.-K. Mak, M. L. Lung, G. S. Taylor, Z.-X. Bian, W. C. S. Tai, G.-L. Law, W.-T. Wong, S. L. Cobb and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Targeting EBNA1: A therapeutic approach for EBV-related tumour with tailor responsive optical imaging’, Nature Biomedical Engineering, (2017) 0042. (Highlighted in Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2017, 0059 and Cell Chemical Biology, 2017, 647-648)
  2. H. Li, C. Xie, R. Lan, S. Zha, C.-F. Chan, W.-Y. Wong, K.-L. Ho, B. D. Chan, Y. Luo, J.-X. Zhang, G.-L. Law, W. C. S. Tai, J.-C. Bunzli and K.-L. Wong,* ‘A smart europium-ruthenium complex as anticancer prodrug: Controllable drug release and real-time monitoring under different light excitations’, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, (2017) In Press.
  3. R. Zhou, J. Huang, J. Shi, L. Huang, X. Zhang, K.-L. Wong,* H. Zhang,* D. Jin,* J. Wang* and Qiang Su, ‘Silica shell assisted synthetic route for mono-disperse and enhanced near-infrared persistent luminescence ZnGa2O4:Cr3+,Sn4+ nanoparticle for in vivo bio-imaging’, Nano Research, (2017) 1 - 13.
  4. H. Li, R. Lan, C.-F. Chan, G. Bao, C. Xie, P.-H. Chu, W. C. S. Tai, J.-X. Zhang and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Luminescent lanthanide approach towards direct visualization of primary cilia in living cells’, Chemical Communications, (2017) 53, 7084-7087.
  5. Y. Zhou, C.-F. Chan, D. W. J. Kwong, G.-L. Law, S. Cobb, W.-K. Wong and K.-L. Wong,* ‘αvb3-isoform specific erbium complexes highly specific for bladder cancer imaging and photodynamic therapy’, Chemical Communications, (2017) 53, 557-560.
  6. A. Nonat, C.- F. Chan, T. Liu, C. Platas-Iglesias, Z. Li, Wing-Tak Wong, W.-K. Wong, K.-L. Wong,* and L. J. Charbonnière* ‘Room temperature molecular up-conversion in solution’, Nature Communications, (2016) 11978.
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  8. H. Li, R. Lan, C.-F. Chan, L. Jiang, L. Dai, M. H.-W. Lam and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Real-time in-situ  monitoring via europium emission of the photo-release of antitumor cisplatin from a Eu-Pt complex’, Chemical Communications, (2015) 51, 14022-14025. (Inside front cover)
  9. T. Zhang, R. Lan, C.-F. Chan, G.-L. Law, W.-K. Wong and K.-L. Wong,* ‘In vivo selective cancer tracking gadolinium eradicator as new generation photodynamic therapy agent’, Proceedings of National Academy of Science USA, (2014) 111, E5492-E5497.
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  11. J.-X. Zhang, H.-G. Li, C.-F. Chan, R.-F. Lan, W.-L. Chan, G.-L. Law, W.-K. Wong and K.-L. Wong,* ‘A potential water-soluble ytterbium-based porphyrin-cyclen dual bio-probe for Golgi apparatus imaging and photodynamic therapy’, Chemical Communications, (2012) 48, 9646-9648.
  12. T. Zhang, X. Zhu, W.-M. Kwok, C. T.-L. Chan, H.-L. Tam, W.-K. Wong and K.-L. Wong,* ‘Water-soluble mitochondria-specific ytterbium complex with impressive NIR emission’, Journal of the American Chemistry Society, (2011) 50, 20120-20122.