Teaching Staff
SHIU, Kwok Keung - Associate Professor, Programme Director, MSc (FAFS) & BSc (Hons.) in Chemistry

Educational Background
  • B.Sc. (Hons.), The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • M.Phil., The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Ph.D., Alberta, Canada
  • Postdoctoral: California Institute of Technology, USA

Current Research Interests
  • Electroanalytical chemistry
  • Chemically-modified electrodes
  • Amperometric biosensors


Selected Publications
  1. X.Y. Bai, K. K. Shiu, “Spontaneous deposition of Prussian blue on reduced graphene oxide - gold nanoparticles composites for the fabrication of electrochemical biosensors”, Electroanalysis, 27, 74-83 (2015).
  2. Y.Y. Zhang, X.Y. Bai, X.M. Wang, K.K. Shiu, Y.L. Zhu, H. Jiang, “Highly Sensitive Graphene-Pt Nanocomposites Amperometric Biosensor and its Application in Living Cell H2O2 Detection”, Anal. Chem., 86, 9459−9465 (2014).
  3. X.Y. Bai, K. K. Shiu, “Investigation of the optimal weight contents of reduced graphene oxide-gold nanoparticles composites and theirs application in electrochemical biosensors”, J. Electroanal. Chem., 720-721, 84-91 (2014).
  4. H. C. Chang, K. K. Shiu, H. Jiang, Y. L. Zhu, J. L. Wang, Q. W. Li, B. A. Chen, X. M. Wang, “Layer-by-layer assembly of graphene, Au and poly(toluidine blue O) films sensor for evaluation of oxidative stress of tumor cells elicited by hydrogen peroxide”, Biosens. Bioelectron., 41, 789-794 (2013).
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