BSc students, Thor Waygen and Kwok Man Yuk shared their exchange experiences from Georgia State University in summer 2016
Thor Waygen and Kwok Man Yuk have a poster presentation on their research results at Georgia State University

Sharing by Mr Thor Waygen
During the summer time of my sophomore year, I was given an opportunity to do a summer research at Georgia State University in the United States under the supervision of Dr. Donald Hamelberg. During my research, I did some computational simulation of an enzyme, Pin1 which is one of the major enzymes that contributes to Alzheimer Disease. At the end of the research program, I was also given a chance to have a poster presentation on my research results. This program has profoundly widened my exposure. Besides, during my stay at Georgia State University, I participated in one program named Touch The Earth, which let me have a lot of chances to take part in the outdoor activity around Georgia like camping and hiking. I appreciate that Chemistry Department of HKBU have given me such an opportunity and this helps in building up my academic life and my life.

Sharing by Miss Kwok Man Yuk
My first experience in carrying out research began with the two-month summer research at Georgia State University in Atlanta. The research group I worked with studied the enzymology of redox enzymes, especially in flavin-dependent enzymes. I was assigned to express and purify the Nitronate Monooxygenase (NMO) from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. With the support from the professors and research group members, I was able to do my first poster presentation. It was a great experience to build up my confidence and work with international students.
Other than the research, the blue sky in Atlanta should be the most impressive thing. There are many hiking trails and waterfalls which allow us to get close to the nature. Also, adventure sports in Atlanta are so popular such as hang gliding, kayaking and cave exploration. I hope I could do them again next time. This program definitely has given me a valuable chance to explore in another city.

Kwok Man Yuk explored Atlanta by visiting the local museum on nature conservation.