Information on the Mainland China Industrial Visit 2014
Mainland Industrial Visit
Local Industrial Visit

Led by Professor Chan Wing-Hong of Chemistry Department and Miss Mok Sin-Hing, the Chairperson of Baptist Chemists, a delegate comprising 23 final year chemistry students made a two-day Mainland China visit to Dongguan on Jan 9-10, 2014.
The trip provided excellent outside class experience for the UG chemistry students.  Thanks to the arrangement of two chemistry alumni, Mr. Jason Mok (General Manager of Dongguan Kennex Ceramic Ltd) and Kelvin Leung (Deputy General Manager of Dongguan Meadville Circuits Limited), the delegate visited three industrial plants in Dongguan (i.e. Kennex Ceramic Ltd, TTM Technologies Meadville Industrial Plant, YongFuTat Ceramic Production Factory).