Prof. Raymond Wong Wai-yeung wins State Natural Science Awards (Second Class)
(From left) Professor Tang Tao, Associate Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor Raymond Wong, Professor Zhu Lixing and Professor Rick Wong, Vice-President (Research & Development) at the award presentation ceremony in Beijing

Professor Raymond Wong Wai-yeung, has received national honour for his outstanding research projects in the field of natural sciences. Professor Raymond Wong leads a research team, was awarded the 2013 State Natural Science Award (Second Class) for the project entitled “Multifunctional Metallopolymers/Metallophosphors and Their Emerging Applications”.
Professor Raymond Wong was delighted to receive the prestigious award. He said: “We are honoured by the national acclaim and recognition of our research.” His project focuses on the properties of metallopolymers/metallophosphors and their emerging applications in optoelectronics and energy industries. The materials and technologies developed in the project have various applications as electron donor materials in organic solar cells, light emitters in organic light-emitting devices, optical power limiters, and patternable precursors for fabricating nanoscale magnetic data storage devices.

Professor Albert Chan, President and Vice-Chancellor, expressed his gratitude for the award bestowed on the scholars. He said, “The University is committed to science and research development. It is encouraging to see the most esteemed awards in the areas of natural sciences at the national level given to HKBU scholars in recognition of their excellent achievements.” Professor Chan said that the University would continue to strive for better scientific advancements to contribute to society.

from HKBU eNews