A paper written by BSc student Miss Zhao Danyue is accepted for publication by Electrophoresis
A research paper by Zhao Danyue, a Year 3 student in the Department of Chemistry, was recently accepted for publication by Electrophoresis, a world acclaimed academic journal in the field of analytical Chemistry. Such recognition is a major achievement for an undergraduate student. Entitled "Separation and determination of B vitamins and essential amino acids in health drinks by CE-LIF with simultaneous derivatization", Danyue's paper investigates the application of the technique "capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection (CE-LIF)" in the separation and determination of three essential amino acids and three B vitamins after simultaneous derivatisation of the analytes in which an efficient and sensitive method for detecting micronutrients was developed. The parameters in the investigation showed that such a technique is an efficient and very sensitive method with a detection limit to nanomolar level and is suitable for quantitative determination of vitamins and amino acids in health or energy drinks. Danyue said: "The research process was time-consuming and tough. I had to master the principle and practical issues of the technique while at the same time learning to use the instrument. Luckily, I received much guidance from Professor Cai Zongwei of the Chemistry Department and Dr. Lu Minghua, a Post-doctoral scholar, and encouragement from my senior classmates as well as technical support from Ms. Agatha Siu, Senior Scientific Officer, which helped me to cope with all the problems. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to them. I could not have achieved this without their generous help." In addition, Danyue said one of the reviewers who is an expert in CE, presented her with a big challenge by raising a number of incisive questions about her paper. However, his suggestions really helped to enhance the overall presentation of her paper and his scientific spirit and strong sense of commitment impressed her a great deal.