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Dr Gary Wong becomes first in Asia’s universities to win European Rare-Earth and Actinide Society Junior Award
Dr Gary Wong (right) receives the European Rare-Earth and Actinide Society Junior Award 2015 for his achievements in the research on rare earth elements.
Dr Gary Wong, Assistant Professor of our department won the Junior Award 2015 from the European Rare-Earth and Actinide Society (ERES), becoming the first awardee from universities in Asia. The award was presented to Dr Wong in recognition of his innovative contribution and achievements in the research and application of the group of f-block elements (the rare earth elements). Upon receiving the award, he was invited to deliver a lecture on his frontier lanthanide research during the 9th international conference on f-elements held at University of Oxford, UK on 6 September 2015.

Dr Wong was honoured to receive the award, “I am delighted to be presented with this award and to know that my research has been widely recognised by senior experts in the field. I will continue to conduct further fundamental research on lanthanide ions and potentiate luminescent lanthanide materials for various biomedical applications for the betterment of mankind. I also look forward to bringing in more talented science students to our team for this research endeavour.”

The f-block elements are lanthanides and actinides. The fifteen lanthanides, along with the chemically similar elements scandium and yttrium, are often collectively known as the rare earth elements due to their scarcity.

The applications of lanthanide ion-materials span a wide range, including solid-state lasers, phosphors, scintillators, optical fibres, contrast agents, catalysts, high-temperature superconductors, biosensors, chemical synthesis, tomography, magnetism and biological assays. The unique properties of lanthanide materials, including fluorescence, large stokes shift and extremely long emission lifetimes mean that they offer a potentially powerful tool for drug discovery.

The ERES junior award is presented to a young scientist every three years. Only five scientists, including Dr Wong, have received the ERES junior award since its launch in 2000.

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