Staff Achievement
Dr Ken Leung C F, Dr Zhu Xunjin and Dr Ho Cheuk-lam win Materials Research Contribution Award
The contributions made by (from left) Dr Ho Cheuk-lam, Dr Ken Leung and Dr Zhu Xunjin are honoured by the Asia Pacific Society for Materials Research.
Dr Ken Leung, Assistant Professor; Dr Zhu Xunjin, Assistant Professor; and Dr Ho Cheuk-lam, Research Assistant Professor of our department recently won the Materials Research Contribution Award presented by the Asia Pacific Society for Materials Research in recognition of their achievement in materials research. In addition, they were invited to deliver lectures at the 2014 International Conference for Leading and Young Materials Scientists held on the Chinese mainland last month. 

Dr Leung was delighted to receive the award. He said, “There is a pressing need to develop new materials in the field of personalised nanomedicine as it has huge potential applications in treating cancers and could reduce the time and cost of surgeries.” His research focuses on the synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials for early disease diagnosis and therapy applications.

Dr Zhu considered the award bestowed on him in recognition of his research effort in materials science. In the coming years, he will continue to develop new inorganic/organic materials for highly efficient organic solar cells.

Dr Ho said, “This recognition acknowledges the efforts and the contributions that my research team has made in the field of materials science.” She has developed materials with applications ranging from energy converters for light and electricity in organic solar cells to organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and materials as patternable precursors to fabricate nanoscale magnetic data storage devices.

from HKBU eNews