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Prof. Raymond Wong Wai-yeung wins Asian Core Program Lectureship Award
Professor Wong looks forward to the academic exchange and collaboration opportunities during the lecture tour to be held in Taiwan next year
Professor Raymond Wong recently won the Asian Core Program Lectureship Award at the 4th New Phase International Conference of Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Asia. Professor Wong has been invited to undertake a one-week lecture tour in Taiwan in 2014.
The award was presented to Professor Wong in recognition of his outstanding presentation entitled “A new two-dimensional oligothiophene end-capped with alkyl cyanoacetate groups for highly efficient solution-processed organic solar cells” as well as his overall research profile in the field.
Unlike three-dimensional and linear small molecules, this new two-dimensional small molecule affords a high power conversion efficiency. This compound shows excellent solution processability and thermal stability as well as broad and strong absorption band in the visible region. The conjugated thiophene side chain is desirable for obtaining high open-circuit voltage. This demonstrates that the molecule could be used in the design of new photovoltaic small molecule-based donor materials for high-efficiency organic solar cells.
Speaking after the award ceremony which was held in Osaka, Japan from 25 to 28 November 2013, Professor Wong said, “The award acknowledges my efforts in research work over the years. The Conference was a great occasion for chemists from Asian countries and Pacific regions to exchange views and to explore collaboration opportunities. I believe that it plays a powerful role in strengthening the advancement of research in chemistry in Asia.”
The materials developed by Professor Wong’s research team have found applications as molecular sensors or eye protectors against harmful intense laser beams, as converters for light/electricity signals in organic solar cells and organic light-emitting diodes and as patternable precursors for the fabrication of nanoscale magnetic data storage devices.
The Asian Core Program aims at promoting innovative research areas by organising annual international conferences in Asia that strengthen ties between Asian chemists and stimulate their research collaborations. The awards are presented to scientists who show promise in their field.
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