Staff Achievement
Prof. Cai Zongwei wins State Natural Science Award Second Class
Professor Cai Zongwei's joint research contributes greatly to pollution control
Professor Cai Zongwei of the Department of Chemistry won the 2011 State Natural Science Award Second Class for a collaborative research project entitled "Analytical Methodology, Formation and Transformation Mechanism on Persistent Toxic Substances". The fellow collaborators in the project are Professor Jiang Guibin, Professor Zheng Minghui, Professor Liu Jingfu and Professor Cai Yaqi from the Research Center of Eco-Environmental Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Persistent toxic substances (PTS) are highly toxic pollutants that have long-term impact on the environment. The award-winning project investigates the analysis methodology, formation and transportation, as well as the toxic effects of PTS. It focuses on the application of new materials and principles in developing technologies for pre-handling samples and coming up with fast solutions for analysis. The research has also laid a remarkable foundation for future studies by exploring the role of nano-materials in environmental analysis.

In addition, the research examines the sources and characteristics of dioxide in soil pollution and studies the environmental behaviours and toxic effects caused by new persistent organic pollutants. Professor Cai said: "Based on the strong experience of our research team, we were appointed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection to conduct a special project entitled "Inventory on Dioxins Emission in China" in order to compile a list of dioxide emission sources. The list has been approved by 13 relevant ministries and submitted to the United Nations as an international guideline for implementing relevant practice in controlling dioxide pollution."

from HKBU eNews