Staff Achievement
Prof. Raymond Wong Wai-yeung becomes the first Hong Kong recipient of FACS Distinguished Young Chemist Award
Professor Raymond Wong (left) receives the award from Professor Bai Chunli, President of Federation of Asian Chemical Societies and Chinese Academy of Sciences
Professor Raymond Wong Wai-yeung, Chair Professor of the Department of Chemistry of HKBU, was presented with the Distinguished Young Chemist Award 2011 by the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) recently. He is the first Hong Kong scientist to have received this prestigious award since it was established in 1989, in recognition of his distinctive contributions to the field of inorganic chemistry.

Professor Wong's research focuses on the design and synthesis of new molecular functional materials with energy-generating and energy-saving functions. Professor Wong is delighted with the award bestowed on him. He said: "It is a great honour as well as a significant international recognition of my research in inorganic chemistry. My research team is grappling with how to improve the energy conversion efficiency and lifetime of our materials and ensure that they have future commercial value. We aim at developing sustainable energy sources and improving the technologies for energy conversion in order to meet the world's future energy demand while working towards a cleaner environment." Professor Wong also envisioned that the new materials have potential applications in the biomedical and nanotechnology fields.

Professor Raymond Wong's seminal work on metallopolymers and metallophosphors has gained international recognition. The materials Professor Wong has developed have ample applications as sensor or eye protectors against harmful intense laser beams, as converters for light/electricity signals in organic solar cells and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and as patternable precursors to producing nanoscale magnetic data storage devices.

Professor Wong is a highly prolific researcher with over 340 research papers published in various academic journals to date. He is also listed among the world's top one per cent in the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) list of most cited chemists.

FACS is the largest organisation in the Asia Pacific region for advancing the chemical sciences. With a current membership of 28 national professional chemical societies from countries and territories in the region, it aims at promoting the advancement and appreciation of chemistry and the interests of professional chemists in Asia. The Distinguished Young Chemist Award is presented to an eminent young chemist of not older than 40 years old for outstanding research in any aspect of chemistry at the Asian Chemical Congress, a biennial flagship scientific meeting of FACS.

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